Press Release: FICO, Pima County Discussions Laying Groundwork for Anza Trail Connection

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(Sahuarita, Ariz.)  Farmers Investment Co. (FICO) and Pima County are engaged in discussions that will lead to 1.9 miles of a trail easement connecting the Canoa Preserve Community Park to the Anza Trail.

The easement would allow for a designated route through the FICO pecan orchards offering a safe, non-vehicular connection for hiking, cycling, and equestrian traffic between the park and the trail.

The easement, which is being developed with input from community stakeholders such as the BAJA Sporting Club and the Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee, should be finalized by the end of the year, after approval of the Continental Farms Specific Plan. Continental Farms is the portion of the Sahuarita Farms Land and River Master Plan in Pima County.

“Creating healthier and safer communities is a guiding principle of our Sahuarita Farms plan,” said Dick Walden, FICO President. “This easement is but one step in meeting that commitment to the community.”

“This easement is an opportunity to provide non-motorized connection between two important community assets – the Canoa Preserve Community Park and the Anza Trail”, said Bill Adamson, Co-Chairman of the Santa Cruz Valley Bicycle Advocate Committee.  “This increases our fine network of bike lanes and trails with the benefits of higher property values, a stronger economy and most importantly improves the health of the community.”

“I hope that BAJA and Pima County can be as good stewards of the land as FICO has been,” said Chuck Catino of BAJA.  “The community needs this park and the whole state needs the Anza Trail. Connecting the two of them just makes sense.”

The Sahuarita Farms Land and River Master Plan will guide the long-term growth and development of FICO’s farmland as portions of it gradually transition to other uses in the next 4-5 decades. It builds upon previous planning efforts undertaken by the Town of Sahuarita, Pima County and FICO.  A key component of this planning effort is the River Master Plan, a framework for long-term enhancements of the Santa Cruz River, including flood control, opportunities for recreation facilities, trails, open space and wildlife habitat.