March 27, 2012
Pecan trees to be cleared for Road work

Article from the Green Valley News on the clearing of trees for Sahuarita Road project.

Green Valley News

March 1, 2012
Sahuarita-area plans for groves, ranch clear county commission

Arizona Daily Star

FICO development plan moves ahead

Green Valley News – 2.26.2012

January 31, 2012
River Master Plan Presentation to Pima County P&Z on January 25

Download here.

December 6, 2011
New Section of Anza Trail Planned for 2012

Town of Sahuarita Newsletter

September 9, 2011
Sahuarita Farms News

An Update to our Neighbors in the Santa Cruz River Valley

May 9, 2011
Arizona Daily Star

China’s appetite aids Sahuarita pecan firm
The price of pecans is going up thanks to booming demand in China for the all-American nut, with prices for in-shell pecans nearly doubling over the past three years.

April 17, 2011
Green Valley News

FICO begins process that will transform Sahuarita, GV
FICO on Friday officially launched the process of developing much of the world’s largest pecan grove into a master-planned community. In its 160-page Specific Plan filed with the town of Sahuarita, Farmers Investment Co. said over the next 50 years it expects to build roads, trails, parks and riverfront improvements on most of its 5,659 acres in the town as the orchards slowly give way to houses, businesses, roads and parks. The company plans to leave 2,100 acres of open space, some of which will remain pecan groves, with large orchards north of Sahuarita Road facing Rancho Sahuarita, and north of La Posada.

April 15, 2011
Bill Buckmaster Radio Show

Friday Reporter Roundtable
Dan Shearer, Editor of the Green Valley News discusses FICO’s submittal of its Sahuarita Farms Master Plan on the Bill Buckmaster Radio Show

March 2, 2011
Madera Highlands Community Newsletter

Planned Growth
Article in the Madera Highlands Community Newsletter about FICO’s land planning efforts.