Community Villages

The Town of Sahuarita’s adopted General Plan allows for 22,986 homes within the FICO property, which is 4.0 homes per acre. The Sahuarita Farms Land/River Master Plan has a maximum of 19,000 homes, which is 3.3 homes per acre. For comparison, neighboring communities such as Quail Creek, Rancho Sahuarita and Madera Heights have a maximum permitted density of 3.8 homes per acre.

With such a large property of 6,000 acres, the Sahuarita Farms Land/River Master Plan is divided into four Community Villages to create a more manageable and focused approach. Each village has its own unique character and includes residential neighborhoods and connected open space.

The Groves is within the northern portion of the plan, has employment as its primary focus, and also includes a community park.

Town/River Center is the urban core, and includes primary activity centers.

River Park is primarily residential neighborhoods, and includes a district park and various recreational opportunities.

Valle Vista is at the southern edge and is more rural in nature, with the lowest residential densities.

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